What can you do with Dumpster Rental?

Site Cleanup & Dumpster Service

Have you ever seen a job site or home under renovation and noticed a large roll-off dumpster that the workers were using? Did you know that you can rent those same dumpsters for yourself? S&S Waste Services in Haywood County, NC, provide our services to both commercial and residential clients. Today we want to share with you what you can do with dumpster rentals.

What is a dumpster rental?

We all know what a trash can is, and essentially, a dumpster is a large version of that. If you live in Haywood County and have to haul your own trash off, then you have encountered the metal blue dumpster receptacles at your local dumpsite. S&S Waste Services uses similar metal containers to collect waste where you need it.

We deliver a metal container for you to fill and pick it up later at an agreed-upon time and haul away its contents for you.

What can I do with a dumpster rental?

There are several situations when renting a dumpster would be ideal for you instead of attempting to haul away your waste. Below are some examples of how we can help you as you work.

  • Garage Clean Out: We receive many requests for dumpster rentals when people are cleaning out their garages or basements. The number one place that becomes a catch-all is our garage. It is easy to access, and when we don’t want to look at something anymore, we place it there. Over time this junk takes up a lot of room and needs to be cleaned out. However, a pickup truck can only haul so much at one time. By renting a dumpster, you can clean out your garage quickly and have someone pick it up and remove the waste for you.
  • Moving: Another time, when we encounter a tremendous amount of junk is when we are in the process of moving. Moving to a new location allows us to rid ourselves of unnecessary items. However, moving is a time-consuming and physical process. We suggest renting a dumpster temporarily so you can focus on packing up what you want to take with you instead of making multiple trips to a trash site. Renting a dumpster can save you a lot of time when moving.
  • Remodels/Renovation: If you are renovating a room or the interior of your home, it is going to get messy. Part of renovating is removing old materials such as cabinets, paneling, sheetrock, and more, and it has to be hauled away. Imagine how many trips it would take you to get rid of what you have torn out. Save yourself time and rent a dumpster, so all you have to do is take it outside of the home and toss it.
  • Roof Replacement: Replacing a roof is a difficult job in and of itself and requires a lot of materials. Not forgetting to mention that everything you remove is also going to have to be hauled away, just like items from a renovation. Renting a dumpster will help keep your site clean as you work and prevent hazards from tripping over old roofing materials.
  • Landscaping Projects: Working in your yard may not seem like a time when you might want to rent a waste receptacle, but it can help. If you are undertaking a large landscaping project and have to remove shrubs, branches, or other items, what are you going to do with them? Rent a dumpster and toss all that organic stuff in a container and let us deal with the headache of getting rid of it for you.

Regardless of your reason for renting a dumpster, S&S Waste Services can help you get rid of your stuff. If you have never thought of renting one, maybe you can now think of some times when it would be beneficial to you. Contact us today to learn more!

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