Should You Bag or Dumpster Your Waste?

Should You Bag or Dumpster Your Waste? 

Any time you’re involved with a major household cleanup project or some kind of remodeling project, you will inevitably produce a significant amount of waste that has to be somehow removed. More than likely, the waste which gets produced will be a whole lot more than you can conveniently put in your weekly trash, so you’ll have to consider some other strategy for waste removal.

You could buy a dumpster bag and have it picked up by your local waste management contractor, or you could rent a dumpster from another local provider, who will allow you to fill up the dumpster and then carry it away once you’re done. In order to answer the question of whether bagging your waste or using a dumpster is more effective for your operation, there are a few points which should be considered. These points will be addressed in the discussion below, and it should help you to arrive at the best decision when you need to remove a significant amount of waste from your home.

Using a waste bag

The first thing you’ll have to do is determine whether a bagster pickup is available in your area, and if it is, then you can purchase a bagster at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Amazon. This will be a single-use kind of bag, and you’ll have to purchase it from one of those providers, or from some other home improvement store. After you have filled up your bagster, you’ll need to schedule a pickup with your local Waste Management contractor, and have it carted away. 

The cost of a bagster will be somewhere around $30, and this will hold true for most parts of the country. However, the greater cost will be in arranging for a pickup of your bagster, and that can cost anywhere from $140-$340. In most cases, that cost will be less than $200, as long as you don’t live in one of the major metro areas like New York City.

The question of whether you should use a bagster or a dumpster will depend in large part upon how much waste you have to get rid of. Bagsters can only accommodate about 3 yd.³ of waste, whereas dumpsters can handle at least 10 yd.³ of waste material. So the question is really one of volume, and you may be forced to estimate exactly how much waste you have, before coming to a decision on which waste removal product to use.

Renting a dumpster

When you rent a 10 yd.³ dumpster, it will probably cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $250-$400, and just as with bagsters, the cost of pickup will vary from one location to another. Usually, when you rent a dumpster it will be for a period of either seven days or 14 days, and of course it will cost you more for the two-week rental. If any more time than this is needed, the rental period can be extended usually on a daily basis.

It will be important to obtain the local rates for dumpsters, because there really is a tremendous variance across the country, especially in metro areas versus rural areas. You should check with your dumpster rental provider to find out about the actual weight requirements when renting a dumpster, but generally speaking you can fill up a 10 yd.³ dumpster with between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds of waste. If you do exceed the allowed limit, there will probably be an additional charge imposed by your contractor, and this will be in line with whatever the disposal fees are at your local landfill.

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