Renting a Roll Off Dumpster

Rent a Dumpster

Renting a Roll Off Dumpster

Roll off dumpsters have many practical uses, whether it be commercial or residential. S&S waste services offer spacious, economical dumpsters that can house various types of waste. Here are some guidelines to making sure your roll-off dumpster rental is smooth and effective.

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1. What is the dumpster being used for?

Although roll-off dumpsters are large and sturdy there are certain materials that should be avoided for a safer experience. Batteries, liquids, and hazardous wastes should not be placed in the dumpsters. Also, it is important to never dispose of large pieces of asphalt or concrete. This can damage the equipment and cause potential harm to those emptying, or adding materials to the bin. Lastly, check local laws on landfill disposal as certain materials are prohibited by law such as oil or materials damaging to the environment.

Ideal waste for our bins includes but are not limited to construction debris, wood, plastics, material wastes, and large quantities of general trash.

2. Where is the dumpster needed?

Our company services Haywood County and surrounding areas. We fully service our dumpsters, providing delivery and pickup from sites. Don’t fret if your property is steep or hard to get to. Our delivery trucks have 4WD and can tackle most less than ideal roads. If you’re worried your site may be out of range, feel free to give us a call at (828) 646 – 8420.

3. When and for how long will the dumpster be needed?

It’s important to retain a dumpster service that can get to you on the fly. Luckily, our services can do same day or next day delivery. Just as important as how fast you can get a dumpster, it’s also important for how long. Our company provides a base rental period of one week. After the initial seven days expire we charge a small fee ($3) per day.

In terms of figuring out how long you’ll need a roll-off will vary by project size. Generally, it’s a good idea to retain the bin for 1-2 days after a project has wrapped. For larger or month-long, projects an extra week may be necessary once the project is wrapped.

4. What is the process for renting roll off dumpsters from S&S Waste Services?

First, contact S&S Waste Services to make sure we are right for you. Provide the location, type of waste being disposed of, and duration of the rental period. Next, we will provide a quick and economical quote for your project. Once everything is ordered we can have your dumpster delivered within 48 hours (this is on a case-to-case basis).

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