Decluttering After a Death

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Decluttering After a Death 

In the aftermath of the death of a relative or close friend, there are always a number of details that must be attended to, even while the grieving process is still playing out. At the same time that you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, you might also be obliged to declutter their living space, especially if it’s an area you shared with them. Your instinct may be to want to hold on to many of these artifacts as mementos of your time together with the individual, but you won’t need a whole houseful of items in order to fondly remember someone.

When you’re emotionally ready, the best thing to do for all concerned is to move on, and clear out most of the objects and keepsakes which were once used or appreciated by your friend or relative. Estate dumpster rentals are ideal for this, especially in cases where it may have been a mother or father who passed away, and you really don’t have much use for all the items they accumulated in the household. When attempting to declutter after a death, it can be as simple as securing a home dumpster rental, and loading in all those things which simply won’t be used anymore.


If you happen to be tasked with decluttering after a death in the family, for instance one of your parents, there are some things you will need to keep on hand which will help tremendously with the process. The first thing that would be good to accumulate is a number of boxes, and a Sharpie with label tape so you can mark the contents of the boxes. Content which is loaded into these boxes would be those things which you can donate or sell, because they’re still in usable condition. If you can donate some of this material to charity, you’ll probably feel better about it because you’ll know that someone else is being helped by those items which once held such importance to your loved one.


Most people keep their smartphones handy, somewhere about them in a pocket or in their purse, so this should be easy to remember. You’ll probably be making frequent calls to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill. These organizations will come right to your home and pick up any goods to be donated, and you should also get a receipt which you can use on your tax returns next year.

Your smartphone will also be handy for taking pictures of those items you’re trying to sell, because you can post those pictures on a number of different listings like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and 10 Day Ads. If you’re trying to arrange an estate sale, your phone will come in handy again as you try to invite people and make arrangements for setting things up. Any leftover items can be donated to local nonprofit organizations.

Home dumpster rental

Inevitably, there will be a number of items which simply can’t be donated or sold, and these will just have to be discarded. To cover the situation, you will need to rent a home dumpster, because you’ll be able to get rid of the unwanted items immediately, rather than storing them somewhere indefinitely. There are a number of different sizes for these dumpsters, so they can actually accommodate almost any volume of discarded material.

Going through the loss of a loved one can be a very difficult period, and you don’t want to complicate the issue by leaving yourself a huge mess to sort out and dispose of. By boxing up and donating or selling those goods which are still serviceable, you can make the process of decluttering simpler. Then all you have to do is take the larger and bulkier items and load them into dumpster, which will be carted off for you. After that, you can settle back and enjoy the fond memories of being with your departed relative.

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